About Me

Name: Bridgett Moore, Senior Sales Director

Began Career: August 2002

Debuted Director: June 1  2003

Earned 9 career cars – the latest being the 2019 Pink Cadillac SRX SUV

National Court of Sales 11 times – 2010 4th in the Nation for the Emerald Seminar; Earning 7 diamond rings.

Star * Every quarter that I have been in MK

Family: My amazing supportive husband Pat

​Favorite Mary Kay Memory: The Mary Kay trips!! Traveling to Rome, Italy with my husband on a 5 Star Trip for 7 days! We had the time of our lives! We enjoyed a private fireworks show at the highest point of Rome at our Gala! It was breathtaking! We enjoyed a 7-Day Alaskan Cruise with Mary Kay,. The weather was amazing and the memories are priceless! We just enjoyed an 11 day vacation to my bucket list destination: Hawaii! 7 days in Honolulu and 4 days on the private Island of Lanai. It was truly beyond words. We stayed at the #1 resort in the world! It was a dream! We never dreamed all of this would have come from my Starter Kit 17 years ago! 

People would be surprised that I: am an introvert and my favorite place is being at home in my PJ's watching Hallmark movies!

My best asset: My belief in people

To unwind I: love watching movies that I have already seen a million times

My Favorite Color: Purple

My All Time Favorite Movie: All Hallmark Christmas movies and The Elf

​How my husband proposed: He invited me to his apartment one night for dinner and he answered the door in a tuxedo. We had my favorite dinner which I found out later his mom cooked for him. We went into the bedroom and it was full of balloons. There was a teddy bear on the bed with a note and a straight pin. It instructed me to pop the balloons with the pin to find my surprise. Each balloon had a note from him in it. The LAST balloon I popped had the ring in it. The funny thing is Pat forgot to remember where the ring was but it worked out perfectly. He then got down on one knee and proposed. It was very sweet.

My Favorite Meal: smothered steak, mashed potatoes and homemade bread. More starch please!

I usually order: Grilled Chicken with a baked potato and macaroni & cheese

My Favorite Expression: “It is what it is”

Best advice I ever got: “Live life like is your last day on earth”

Advice I’d give a New Consultant: You only fail if you QUIT! You have the same 24 hours as everyone else so use your time wisely because you cannot get it back.

I describe our company as: The best opportunity for women in the world today!

My Seminar 2020 Mary Kay goals: $1,000,000 Unit and break a 57 year company record!



PHONE: 254-644-6929

EMAIL: moorebp@sbcglobal.net

WEBSITE: https://www.marykay.com/bridgettmoore