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Congratulations!!!! My name is Bridgett Moore, and I'm thrilled to be one of the first to congratulate you on your new business! As your business coach and mentor, I care about your future and am 110% committed to helping you succeed. Now, whether you've started your business for your own personal use, as a way to earn some fantastic part-time cash, as the means to replace your current income, or possibly to earn a six figure income, you're in the right place at the right time and on this page you'll find some important first steps! Let's get started!!

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Pearl girl script 

Hey _____! This is a Bridgett! I could not WAIT to text you!!! I have been with my MK Director talking about my future and I have a challenge to do quick 15 minute fast fun facts appts to share about the MK opportunity! 

 It may never be for you and it is TOTALLY fine! I just need training so basically guinea pigs :) I can earn my first prize too!! Can I borrow you in the next 48-72 hours it would mean a TON!! Eeekkk!!!!! Thank you!!!

FUN Selling challenge to get you started!!! START MAKING MONEY NOW!

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You have been given a consultant # by Mary Kay, so you'll want to memorize the number as you will need it a lot! You will want to go to InTouch right away. The first time you go there, it will ask for your consultant # and have you set up a password. You will want to check this website often because this is where you complete your first steps, order your products, sign up for your website, get your business cards, and access amazing training.


Call #1: Welcome and Emotional Management

Call #2: Booking Training

Call #3: Coaching

Call #4: Team Building and Following the Money Trail

Call #5: Time, Money, and Office Management



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