Getting your business started

         It's super important to review your inventory options and decide how you would like to invest in your business. As an extra bonus, if you place a qualified order within 15 days, a free Custom Look is available to you! See the Great Start brochure below for complete details. Keep in mind the 90% buyback guarantee. The company takes way more of a risk on us, than we take on ourselves. I've been where you are and remember having questions. Never hesitate to ask me because I'm never too busy to support you.
       As a new consultant, you'll want to start making a contact list right away. Start with your friends, family, co-workers, etc. and then draw a little heart next to the names you would love to share this opportunity with (to build your dream team). The following tools will help you create your list, book your first appointments, and get your first sales.

How to fill out a sales ticket

Let's get this party started!

We will schedule you a launch party but until then be making your contact list and you will use this script to book your first few appointments!


Here is a script you can use to send to people in your phone, FB private message or text but not on your main FB page. The personal touch is so much better! This is script is for anyone you are not inviting to your debut party. Do not send to the closest 6-10 people in your life.


Hey _____ this is Kimberly!!! I am so excited because I just began my Mary Kay business and  I need guinea pigs!! Lol!  I need to practice my presentation skills on 30 faces in the next 30 days? It fast, fun and the best part is you will get some much needed pampering and I can win a designer handbag!!! Can I borrow your face this week or next week? Weekday or weekend?


Script once they say YES!


Great!! Thank you soo much! We can do this one of two ways. It can just be you and me OR you can invite girlfriends its up to you (Up to 5)  and in doing so you will receive $75 worth of product for $35!! Which do you prefer? 

What do all of these scripts mean?

Listen to my voxer!

Discover your WHY

As a new business owner, I encourage you to keep a close eye on your email and voicemail. I strongly recommend that you attend a local training event as soon as possible. We are in business for ourselves, but never by ourselves. There is something special that happens when you surround yourself with positive women who want the best for you, have been where you are, and care about your success - including me! I'm only a call, text, email, or facebook message away :)



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